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Development and Marketing of Quality Baby Products

Since its foundation in 1986, BabySafe has had as its main objective to be the market leader for quality baby products in Israel.

Today, with 20 years experience, BabySafe is the leader in quality products for babies and children and is known for its sensitivity and understanding to the changing needs of the Israeli consumer and for its response to the fast, constantly developing and changing field of baby products internationally.

BabySafe markets its products through over 100 shops and chain stores covering all of Israel. The company is proud of its product development and design teams whose members are the best in their fields and who see product engineeringin all its aspects as being of primary importance.

The company's wide range of unique designs is renewed each year to keep in line with current fashion and new international and Israeli trends. Special attention is paid to the small details which make all the difference in the finished product. Of even greater importance are our adherence to stringent international safety regulations and our uncompromising commitment to products of the highest quality. Put all this together and we can promise you satisfaction and safety backed up by our full guarantee for all your purchases.

A wide range guarantees a wise purchase

We at BabySafe believe that choosing baby products is something personal. Therefore, only exposure to the widest possible range of products and solutions that display understanding of the smallest details enables you to make a valid comparison and find the perfect product that answers all your demands.
So we at BabySafe are proud to present you with a spectacular range of products and are sure that you will find on the site, all the information you need including product specifications, Standards, interesting and useful tips and articles that will help you to find the right product for your baby.

In addition, we are at your service to provide advice, help and guidance so that you can buy the product best suited to your needs.

Leading brand names under one roof

BabySafe is an import company that encompasses everything you ever dreamed of. The company is the sole distributor for leading international companies such as First-Wheels and Jools from Holland,  Britax from the United States as well as from Europe,WIN FUNBLUE BOX  and LASCAL. BabySafe is also the importer and distributor of Disney products both in Israel and internationally.

Apart from the import and marketing of first class products, the company also develops and produces its own products marketed under the name BabySafe.  These products include babies' prams, strollerscar safety seatsfoodbagstoys and other items.

BabySafe invites you to look through our online catalogue and examine our range of baby products in order to find the information that will help you make an informed decision when you make your come to make your purchase.

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